Decline of American Whites Exceeding Census Bureau’s Projections?

Written by Susan Yoshihara. Posted in Demography, Population

See TheWeek’s post on the US Census Bureau’s announcement that White America has “peaked” a decade earlier than previously predicted:

For the year ending July 2012, there were 12,000 more deaths among the white population than the number off births. That decline came a decade earlier than was previously expected; the Census Bureau estimated last year that the white population would peak in 2024 and then decline by about 20.6 million through 2060.

While the decline in native-born whites was offset by the immigration of 188,000 new white residents, the slowing rate of the group’s overall population growth underscored the radical demographic transformation the nation is undergoing.

Over the same period, Asian-Americans were the fastest-growing racial group, their population rising by 530,000, or 2.9 percent. The Hispanic population rose second-fastest, by 2.2 percent. With a gain of 1.1 million people, that represented nearly twice the raw growth of the Asian-American population.

And though Latinos are more commonly viewed as the focus of the big immigration debate before Congress, the census data showed that native births accounted for 76 percent of the uptick in the Latino population. By contrast, immigration accounted for 60 percent of the population growth among Asian-Americans.

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